Jazz I & II Rhythm Section Auditions May 1


*  Materials and Details below


Expectations & Auditions

Jazz Ensemble II is open to all individuals, and is non auditioned, with the exception of the Rhythm Section. Jazz Ensemble I - all members are required to audition. Audition and Class expectations are listed below. 


While Jazz II is open to any who wish to participate, there are some expectations that will "qualify" you to perform with each ensemble. 


Rhythm Section 

Jazz I Jazz II

Drum Kit 1 -2 Players       Drum Kit 1-2 Players 

Vibes 1 Player     Vibes 1 Player

Guitar 1-2 Player Guitar 1-2 Player 

Acoustic Bass - 1 Player Acoustic Bass - 1 Player

Electric Bass - 1 -2 (if no acoustic) Players Electric Bass - 1 -2 (if no acoustic) Players 

Piano 1-2 Players Piano 1-2 Players

Vocalists 1 -2  (male or female) Vocalists 1 -2  (male or female)

Audition Materials and Instructions

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Vibes, Bass 

Drum Kit

Piano, Guitar 


Wind Players 

Alto, Tenor, Bari - Sax; Trombones; Trumpets

Performance & Class Schedule - Descriptions

Jazz Ensemble - Open to all students - (0 hour class - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6:15 - 7:20) 

Jazz Ensemble is open to all students, and instruments wanting to learn about jazz. It is encouraged for students to learn the traditional jazz instruments needed for big band ensemble (Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, Bari) – Trombone (Bass, or tenor) – Trumpet – Rhythm Section (Piano, Guitar, Drum Kit, Bass (Stand-Up & Electric)), but all instruments are welcome. Region & State Jazz ensembles will be auditioned when needed. This class is a 0 hour class 6:15 – 7:20 am, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Students must be in regular band classes (Sxs, Tbn, Tpt, Perc) to qualify for Region & State Jazz ensembles (with a few exceptions).

Performances will include:

Region/State Performing Ensemble - Auditions will be held to determine Region/State performing ensemble - Jazz Ensemble I will be the primary ensemble performing at Region/State, or other touring festivals. If there is enough to organize a Jazz Ensemble II they will be eligible to perform at Region/State as well. 

Falcon Jazz Combo

Jazz combos are new and are made up of a rhythm section (piano, bass, drums) and 2-3 horns (sax, tbn, tpt) and meet late start Wednesday’s at 8:30-9:15 am. No registration other than Jazz ensemble is required.

** Jazz Ensemble I will be the default Region/State, and other Festivals Performing ensemble. 

* PARTY BAND - party band is required for all band members - football party band requirements are for 4 total games, basketball party band the requirement is 4 total games (each boys and girls game counts for 1 game each).

Why Jazz?

What makes Jazz different than other band classes? 

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