CHS Concert Series

Jazz & Percussion 

2023 Fall Concert 

Band Program Fall Concert 2023.pdf

Percussion Ensemble Performances 

10-12-2023 Final Boss CHS Percussion.mp4
10-12-2023 Again CHS Percussion.mp4

Jazz Ensemble 

2023-10-12 The Egg CHS Jazz.mp4
2023-10-12 In the Still of the Night CHS Jazz.mp4
2023-10-12 El Alma de la Banda CHS Jazz.mp4
2023-10-12 Candle on the Water CHS Jazz & Theatre.mp4
2023-10-12 Blue Moon CHS Jazz.mp4
2023-10-12 Pass the Hot Sauce CHS Jazz.mp4

Symphonic Band 

2023-10-12 Mesa Dances - Syphonic.mp4
2023-10-12 Sunlight Dancing - Syphonic.mp4

Wind Ensemble 

2023-10-12 Street Tango - Wind.mp4
2023-10-12 Let Us Break Bread Together - Wind.mp4
2023-10-12 Tha Mi Sgith - Wind.mp4

Coming Soon

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